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UTV Inc. RZR 800 Sealed Intake System Review

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Review Submitted by “bluesmanjesse”


rzr_air_review_1Since installing the UTV Inc. Sealed Intake System I have logged some substantial miles in the very dusty conditions caused by the ongoing drought here in the American Midwest. We have taken the RZR to the Badlands Off-road Park in Attica Indiana on several different occasions and anyone who has ridden the sand and gravel dunes there knows just how dusty the conditions can be, it’s called the “Badlands” for a reason! It is a really fun place to ride though and our ride was made more enjoyable because we weren’t worrying about trashing our engine by sucking in loads of dust and dirt! We also took the RZR to Haspin Acres in Laurel Indiana which is mostly sandy clay type soil and it can be very dusty there as well, our particular trip was no exception, it has been very dry in the mid-west and the dust was really bad in the flat, open areas of the park.



rzr_air_review_2The UTV Inc. sealed intake had its work cut out for it at Haspin for sure! We have also made a few trips to a local “secret” riding spot which is basically a large farm surrounded by woods. We found some creek beds that still had water in them and took the RZR as deep as we dared to, then we stopped immediately and popped the cover plate off of the UTV Inc. Sealed Intake to see if any water had made it inside, we have found it is indeed a “sealed” intake as it was bone dry inside! While we were at our “secret” riding spot we also blasted through some plowed soybean fields that weren’t planted this year, this not only kicked up some serious dust but if anyone has ever ridden over a plowed field at 40-50mph you know there’s a lot of vibration and hard bumps, this really put the test to the mounting hardware and bracketry of the intake system. When the ride was over I checked the tightness of all the nuts, bolts, and clamps on the intake and found they were all still snug and secure. When washing the RZR down with a pressure washer I made sure to really hit the intake canister from every angle, I then removed the cover plate and checked for any water intrusion, it was still dry as a bone inside! I find the ease with which you can remove the cover and check the filter housing for water to be a huge benefit to this system. If that creek you just crossed got a little deeper than you thought it was and you’re worried you might have sucked in a little water its super easy and quick to pop the cover off and take a quick look for water, very nice piece of mind indeed!


The intake system hasn’t given us any problems whatsoever. As seen in the picture below the white sleeve does a good job of swirling the heavier dirt particles away from the filter, it actually made a very interesting circle of dirt on the inside of the cover which shows just how much of a cyclone develops inside the canister. This is also partially due to how and where the clean air enters the canister. When I removed the filter it was super easy to wipe the loose dust out with a rag and blow off the filter. Removing the filter can be done trailside with no tools if necessary, the cap is held on by a rugged plastic knob with a nylock nut inside it and the filter is held into the housing with a threaded rod and a wing nut with a rubber washer to keep it tight and sealed. The Donaldson filter is a quality piece that’s made in the USA which is always a good thing!


rzr_air_review_3 rzr_air_review_4 rzr_air_review_5


We have been through deep water and ridden in some really dusty conditions and the throttle body shows no signs of dust or water intrusion. This was not the case with the stock air filter, after removing the stock air box I removed the throttle body and cleaned a heavy film of dirt and caked on dust off the inside of the throttle body. After some use and abuse and a lot of dusty miles with the UTV Inc. system installed my throttle body looks just as clean as when I first installed the system.


rzr_air_review_7 rzr_air_review_6



rzr_air_review_8In conclusion the RZR 800 Sealed Intake System does exactly what it’s designed to do and does it well. There are comparable systems on the market for the Polaris RZR but in our opinion the quality of UTV Inc. system is top notch and competitively priced, it is built to take a beating and keep your RZR breathing clean and easy. I have also found that the looks of the aluminum canister sticking out of the engine bay draws a lot of attention from other riders I meet out on the trail, I do think it adds a nice custom look to the engine, once we get a nice exhaust installed on the RZR I think the two will complement each other nicely. The system is also a little smaller than the stock setup so it opens up the area under the bed a little and has a much cleaner look than the OEM air box. The UTV Inc. sealed intake system seems to be built with hardcore riders and racers in mind and should be able to soak up punishment for years to come. I like to install components that are built heavy like this because I don’t want to have any surprises out on the trail, there’s nothing worse than having your ride cut short by faulty equipment! There’s a good chance the UTV Inc. sealed intake system will outlast our RZR. We have tried to put the system through the wringer to expose any faults it might have and the unit seems to be nearly bulletproof, it eats a steady diet of mud and rocks being tossed at it by the rear tire and it doesn’t have so much as a ding on it anywhere. I would not hesitate to recommend this intake system to anyone, in fact I have already recommended it to a good friend of mine and I think he plans to order one for his RZR4. If you’re in the market for a quality air intake system to protect the investment you’ve made in your RZR you owe it to yourself to take a hard look at the UTV Inc. Sealed Intake system for the Polaris RZR! I have written an installation article of this system and you can view it by clicking Here.



-Easy Filter check/maintenance
-Seals out dust/water much better than OEM intake
-Uses quality Made in USA Donaldson filter
-Well built with quality materials
-Cheap insurance to keep your motor healthy



-Bracket bolts interfere with shift linkage(bolts must be ground down a little)
-A little more expensive than others on the market (quality costs)
-Factory air intake cap must be trimmed to fit intake hose



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