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Pit Bull Tires Rocker UBER XOR Radial ATV Tire Review and Updated Impressions

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I wanted to update my impressions of the Pit Bull Tires Rocker Uber XOR Radial Tires after some extended use. It’s been over a year since my original review was written (you can read my original review below) and I was able to put them to the test in all seasons, and through every riding condition from hard pack dirt, to mud and even some snow covered trails. The Rockers have been by far the best tire I have ever mounted on my 450, and honestly the best tire I have mounted on any vehicle period. In fact the only condition they didn’t perform great in was deep peanut butter mud, but with that said they still performed better than some other manufacturers mud specific tires I have run in the past! If you are looking for an all around tire that is exceptional for riding rocky, tree rooted wooded trails and also performs well beyond expectations for the occasional mud hole, you can’t go wrong with a set of Pit Bull Rocker Tires mounted on your ATV or SxS.

When you venture off road with your 4×4 Truck, or Rock Crawler, chances are you have seen or even run a set of Pit Bull Tires. Founded in 1994 as the motorsports division of Tire Mart, Inc., the company has been producing tires for Extreme Off-Road Applications since their inception. Utilizing their truck tire technology they have crafted ATV/UTV tires for those looking to traverse the same type of extreme terrain as their larger counterparts. The Rocker UBER XOR Radial Tire (Extreme Off-Road Radial ATV/UTV Tire) is based off the Rocker extreme off-road LT tires, and although smaller, they provide the same bite as their big brother.

With all this technology wrapped up in the Rockers and since they are bred from such proven stock, you would have to believe they truly would be “All Bite with No Bark”. But are they really? Is it possible they whimper off with their tail between their legs when the conditions get Extreme? Read on for the review.


Rocks and Ruts Pit Bull Rocker ATV Tire Review Image 1


Rocks and Ruts Pit Bull Rocker ATV Tire Review Image 2


Pit Bull Rocker Tire Image and Logo


The Rockers spec list is comprised of features such as….
Patented Tread Design
Multi-varied Patented tread blocks
Rounded edge tread blocks
ROCKER® ATV/UTV – XOR Radial UBER! 8 ply-rating
ExD™ Rim Guards (Extra Deep)
Tear It Up® rubber compound
Stepped lugs
Over-the-shoulder lugs
Integrated Sidewall Protectors
Gradual sloping divots on tread lugs
Stone kickers
High Void Treads
Reinforced Tread Blocks
Cool sidewall designs

Rocks and Ruts Pit Bull Rocker ATV Tire Review Image 3

This review is based on the 25.5 inch x 12 inch Rocker tires and I’ll unleash it by saying they run large for their specified size. At 5psi they measured a tick over 26 inches in height mounted on my Revolver wheels. The fact their radial tires, coupled with the 8 ply-rating and their inch and an eighth sized lugs, make them a bit on the heavy side for their size. Without clutch modifications these tires would rob a ton of low end power from my Grizzly 450 I believe, but luckily low end power remained unchanged on my 450 with the clutch work I have done. Mounted on my Revolver wheels the fronts weighed in at 35.5 pounds each and the rears were 42.5 pounds each. Keep this in mind if you own a midsize ATV that is already starved for power as clutch modification might be needed to regain some low end torque you may lose. The width of the tires measured approximately a half inch larger than specified also.

Rocks and Ruts Pit Bull Rocker ATV Tire Review Image 4

The Rockers have a seriously aggressive styling to them. From the over the shoulder lugs utilizing Pit Bull’s Fang technology, to the massive multi varied reinforced tread block design, they look like they will claw through any terrain you put them through. The tire tattoos round out their appearance by adding a level of detail never seen from any other tire manufacturer before, and who wouldn’t want to see “Old Glory” waving on the sidewall of the Rocker tire symbolizing Pit Bull Tires ever so proud Made in America status. On appearance alone the Rockers are the best looking ATV tire on the market but all these features that give them their looks, provide alternate functions such as protection and traction.

Rocks and Ruts Pit Bull Rocker ATV Tire Review Image 5

The Rockers radial carcass, UBER 8 ply-rating and all the little features that add to the tires strength are noticeable in both appearance and feel. Perhaps the protection feature that is most evident is the Rockers ExD Rim Guard. Extra Deep to help protect your wheels, this is a feature all tire manufacturers should incorporate into their designs. During my testing this feature really proved its worth as I rode my 450 over a multitude of rocks, ruts and downed trees. One of my wheels did obtain one small area with a few scratches but I believe without this feature my wheels would have sustained more damage due to the terrain I was testing on. The sidewall strength was evident also as the Rockers sidewalls were continuously making contact with large jagged rocks and performed perfectly without a visible scratch. From my 2 days of testing I believe these tires are tough to beat from a protection standpoint riding in Rocky terrain.

Rocks and Ruts Pit Bull Rocker ATV Tire Review Image 6

The Rockers ride comfort is incredible also. I hit some woops and a few smaller jumps and the tires were very soft in these scenarios. They soak up all the little bumps and roots with ease and manage to soften up impacts with larger rocks for added comfort and control. On faster sections of trails the Rockers rode plush and control was spot on with the exception of gravely trails. On gravel trails at speeds over 40mph the front tires felt very light and they began to wonder a bit but other than that, the control was perfect in all situations. The Rockers steer easily also and I was able to break the rear tires loose while in a seated position and retain full control of the 450 when doing so. In off camber situations they maintained their traction and only lost grip when I would lay hard on the throttle breaking the tires loose. There was a little bit of a learning curve for me with these tires as far as using proper throttle control. They like to dig up soft earth and throw it around when you are overly aggressive with the throttle, but once I figured this out I was able to claw my way up a soft eroded trail as opposed to tearing it up. The Rockers performed great in moderate mud also. They cleaned out well to retain traction in every trail condition I put them through during my testing. I will have to wait till late October to throw them through some thicker mud down in West Virginia to see just how good they can do in nastier mud holes. If you are looking for a more mud orientated tire that performs well in all other conditions, then I suggest you check out the Pit Bull Growlers but from my testing so far I find that the Rockers do better than any all-terrain tire I have run before when it comes to the slop.

Rocks and Ruts Pit Bull Rocker ATV Tire Review Image 7

I feel like I am missing something here….Oh yeah, Rocks lol! Obviously the Rockers are geared towards riders who need a tough tire with great traction for rockier trail conditions. And since it’s in the name they better live up to it. Well, I will tell you that not only do they live up to their lineage, but they exceed expectations in every way. From the tread block pattern, siping and the rubber compound used, to the extra little features like the high void tread, stone kickers and sloping divots, the Rockers really do Rock! They flex great and the lugs wrap rocks and logs like a glove for outstanding crawling ability. The shoulder lugs help aid in gripping onto the sides of rutted trails or rocks to assist the lugs in gaining traction. As I mentioned above, throttle control is key with crawling over rocky terrain and even though the Rockers provide great grip, you can spin them right off their footing on wet rocks or even possibly break an axle on dry ground since they tend to dig a bit, this is of course if your throttle happy (like I am) but with the proper amount of throttle they were unstoppable at clawing over any rocky terrain and through the many rock gardens I played in testing them out. They grip well and at times almost too well for riders with a heavy throttle thumb.

Rocks and Ruts Pit Bull Rocker ATV Tire Review Image 8

The Rockers have lived up to the hype as far as I am concerned, definitely “All Bite with No Bark”! The only feature I can’t review is their long term wear but, I will update this review as I start racking up the miles on them. The Rocker UBER XOR Radial Tires from Pit Bull Tires are without a doubt the best tires I have tested for the type of terrain I ride. They handle better, ride more comfortable and provide the best traction of prior setups I have run and ooze personality with the manufacturer’s appearance and design choices. They may be priced a few dollars more than their competition but as with any other product on the market, you get what you pay for. And what you are paying for is an outstanding product made here in the U.S.A.


Pit Bull Tires Logo


Provides Outstanding Traction and Control
Comfortable Ride on Rocky Terrain
Oozes Personality not Seen on Competitors Offerings
Tough 8 Ply-Rated Radial Design
Does Well in Mud for an All-Terrain Type Tire
Sheds Mud and Debris Easily
Made in America


Heaviest Tire for the Size on the Market
Costs More than Most Competitors Products

Be sure to check out all of Pit Bull Tires Off-Road Products Here!

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