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Kolpin Fuel Pack Jr. Review

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Review Submitted by Member “Jfer”


Having extra fuel on hand gives you the peace of mind of knowing you can make it back to civilization when that dreaded fuel light comes on or the needle is bouncing off “E”. How to carry it is the question? I’m sure everyone has, at one time or another strapped a gas can to the front or rear rack of their ATV. While it works, it probably is not the safest method or the most secure.

I chose the Kolpin Fuel Pack Jr. It has a one and a half gallon capacity and came with a universal mounting bracket. The specs are as follows….
Puncture resistant, crush proof, high-density polyethylene construction. Versatile mounting bracket with ¼-turn action knob allows for quick and easy removal. Made it the USA, and backed by Kolpins limited lifetime warranty.

Installing the mounting bracket is straight forward. I assembled the two halves, and then mounted the bracket on the rear rack opposite my Kolpin Gun Boot. Once the bracket is installed slip the fuel pack over the T knob and give it a quarter turn to lock it in place.
Many folks have complained in the past about leaking issues from the cap. I can tell you without a doubt, Kolpin has corrected this issue. I have had my Fuel Pack Jr. for a year and a half now, and it has never leaked. I keep it on my ATV year round, and it has even survived a minor rollover. It comes with a fill spout, and a separate transport cap. I keep the fill spout in my hard box till I need it.

The fill spout has an internal flapper valve, and spring loaded lock collar which prevent the flow of fuel till rotated. Next hook the reference tab over the fill neck of you machine and press down. The flapper valve inside opens and fuel is then dispensed. When you are done release pressure on the nozzle, flapper valve closes and once the remaining fuel in the neck is drained you can return the can to the upright position. I found dispensing fuel to easy, and had on spill over issues. The following video demonstrates how it works and also locks onto the bracket.


The only negative I can find so far, is the lack of a vent. I spoke with Kolpin about this issue, and they said it is an EPA mandate. So with the transport cap in place pressure builds up in the can, and you MUST slowly loosen the cap, or fuel will burp out. On a side note the newer cans have been redesigned with a longer neck so the fill spout can be stored inside the fuel can.

Small foot print.
No spill nozzle.
Easy on and off.

EPA mandated ventless design.

Kolpin has a host of ATV/UTV products, so be sure and Visit them at kolpinpowersports.com/

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