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Honda Announces the All New 2016 Pioneer 1000 and Pioneer 1000-5

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Jun 11, 2015 – TORRANCE, Calif.- Honda today announced the addition of two brand-new full-size side-by-side models—the groundbreaking Pioneer 1000 and Pioneer 1000-5—to its 2016 lineup. With class-leading displacement and payload, a 6-speed fully automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) and a full list of features and options, the flagship Pioneer 1000 promises to raise the bar in terms of power, performance and capability in both work and recreation applications.


“We’re very excited about the all-new 999cc engine we’ve developed for these new Pioneers,” said Lee Edmunds, Manager of Motorcycle Marketing Communications at American Honda. “We’ve also added the industry’s only fully automatic mechanical transmission—the 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. With steel gears, the DCT offers true engine braking, seamless shifting and a smooth, reliable transfer of power.”




Pioneer 1000/1000-5

Immediately assuming its position as the clear leader in the full-size multipurpose SxS category, Honda’s new-from-the-ground-up, no-compromise Pioneer 1000 is powered by a purpose-built inline, twin-cylinder, Unicam® 999cc engine. It’s also the first side-by-side with a 6-speed fully automatic DCT, a state-of-the-art beltless transmission that is durable, efficient and easy to use. Designed, developed and produced according to Honda’s holistic methodology, the largest Pioneer is smooth-riding and extremely versatile. Built in the USA using domestically and globally sourced parts, the Pioneer 1000 is offered in four different configurations, from the base three-person version to the Deluxe five-person model, which features 14-inch aluminum wheels, 27-inch radial tires, LED headlights and electric power steering. Every Pioneer 1000 comes standard with four-wheel-drive, as well as a high-low sub-transmission and 4-mode differential lock, while the five-person model features auto-leveling rear suspension and a full-size convertible bed with Honda’s exclusive QuickFlip™ seating. An extensive range of Honda Accessories is available, and the Pioneer 1000 is covered by a one-year warranty.




Pioneer 1000 = Red, Olive

Pioneer 1000 EPS = Red, Orange, White, Honda Phantom Camo

Pioneer 1000-5 = Red, Olive

Pioneer 1000-5 Deluxe = Red, Metallic Silver, White, Honda Phantom Camo


Check out the full specs and model info at http://powersports.honda.com/2016/pioneer-1000.aspx and http://powersports.honda.com/2016/pioneer-1000-5.aspx

2016_Pioneer1000_2000x1275_Red_634E2F 2016_Pioneer1000EPS_2000x1275_HondaPhantomCamo_634E2F 2016_Pioneer1000_2000x1275_Olive_634E2F 2016_Pioneer1000EPS_2000x1275_Red_634E2F Pioneer1000_2016_02 Pioneer1000_2016_05 2016_Pioneer1000EPS_2000x1275_Orange_634E2F 2016_Pioneer1000EPS_2000x1275_White_634E2F Pioneer1000_2016_04 Pioneer1000_2016_03 Pioneer1000_2016_06 Pioneer1000_2016_07 Pioneer1000-5_2016_01 Pioneer1000-5_2016_02 Pioneer1000-5_2016_03 2016_Pioneer10005Deluxe_2000x1275_White_634E2F 2016_Pioneer10005_2000x1275_Olive_634E2F 2016_Pioneer10005_2000x1275_Red_634E2F Pioneer1000-5_2016_05 Pioneer1000-5_2016_04 2016_Pioneer10005Deluxe_2000x1275_HondaPhantomCamo_634E2F 2016_Pioneer10005Deluxe_2000x1275_Red_634E2F 2016_Pioneer10005Deluxe_2000x1275_MetallicSilver_634E2F Pioneer1000_2016_01 2016-Honda-SxS-Family



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