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Purpose-built for up to two riders, the Outlander MAX line of Can-Am 4×4 ATVs are obtainable with the same four class-leading Rotax V-Twin engines, SST G2 chassis, suspension and performance packages as the one-up ATVs. The four packages are DPS (all), XT (all), XT-P (850 and 1000R) and LIMITED (1000R). All packages offer an extended wheelbase, convertible seating for G2 chassis and composite racks include convertible seating for one or two riders.


CAN-AM OUTLANDER MAX DPS 1000R / DPS 850 / DPS 650 / DPS 570

2016 Outlander MAX DPS 1000R Viper Red_3-4 front_tif


The Outlander MAX DPS ATVs include industry-leading Rotax engines, Tri-Mode Dynamic Power Steering (DPS), Visco-Lok QE, cast-aluminum wheels and two color choices.

59-inch Wheelbase

The 2016 Outlander MAX family has an 8-inch (20.3 cm) longer wheelbase over the one-up Outlander ATVs. The added length allows the passenger to sit in front of the rear axle for improved handling and comfort. The stretched design also improves the ride for single riders.

Dynamic Passenger Comfort (DPC™)

The Outlander MAX ATVs have passenger-influenced ergonomics to produce the most comfortable and consumer-friendly two-rider vehicle to date. DPC ergonomics means comfortable seating, cushioned ride and placing the passenger in an optimal riding position. The seating system allows for gradual bending of the backrest and pivoting to reduce kick back during acceleration / braking as well as offering engineered enhancements like regressive flex and formed grooves for improved comfort.

Passenger handholds

The angled rear passenger handle position allows for flex while riding and also reduces the overall impact to the passenger’s hands. The handles also allow for numerous hand positions to enhance the passenger’s riding experience and comfort level. For one-up use, the rear seat has integrated handles that don’t limit rear rack space or prohibit single-rider comfort.

Passenger footrest

All MAX models with the G2 SST frame have foot peg angles and depth that cater to the rear passenger. The footrests also have a third row of foot grips to improve lateral grip.

Convertible Rack System (CRS™) w/ box

The Outlander MAX is the lone two-up ATV that comes standard with a Convertible Rack System (CRS) for transforming the ATV into a single-rider machine. The transition literally takes just seconds and eliminates the touring look and feel when riding alone. The fact that the passenger handholds are attached to the seat means they don’t inhibit rider movement or take up rear rack space. The CRS system includes a small storage box that uses the LinQ system and removes the void when the passenger seat is removed. A rear optional cargo box is also available from PAC.

Colors available

The SST G2 Can-Am Outlander MAX DPS ATVs with composite racks are available in Light Grey and Viper Red.

2016 Outlander MAX DPS 1000R Viper Red_3-4 front_tif 2016 Outlander MAX DPS 1000R Light Grey_3-4 front_tif 2016 Outlander MAX DPS 850 Viper Red_3-4 back_tif


CAN-AM OUTLANDER MAX XT 1000R / XT 850 / XT 650 / XT 570

2016 Outlander MAX XT 1000R Mossy Oak Break-up Country Camo_3-4 front_tif


Much like the one-up Outlander ATVs, the Outlander MAX offerings feature composite racks and are available in the value-added XT package, which includes several key components that add form and function to the ATV’s industry-leading performance.. This includes a winch, wheels, bumpers and specialty colors.

NEW Colors available

The Outlander MAX XT 1000R, XT 850 and XT 650 are offered four colors, including the new Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo, Yellow and water-dipped Brushed Aluminum and painted Pearl White options. The Outlander MAX XT 570 is in either Yellow or Pearl White.

2016 Outlander MAX XT 1000R Brushed Aluminum_3-4 front_tif 2016 Outlander MAX XT 1000R Yellow_3-4 front_tif 2016 Outlander MAX XT 1000R Pearl White_3-4 front_tif 2016 Outlander MAX XT 850 Brushed Aluminum_3-4 back_tif



2016 Outlander MAX XT-P 1000R Black - Orange_3-4 front_tif


The MAX XT-P ATVs havthe exact same features and performance features as the one-up XT-P setup, including the painted Black & Orange plastic accents , including the ability to easily convert from a two-up to a one-up vehicle in seconds. The MAX units differ from the one-up unit because of their longer wheelbase and passenger-specific ergonomics and features. Industry-leading performance is available in the form of either the 9% stronger 1000R Rotax V-Twin or the new Rotax 850 engine, which gained 7 hp, 10% power and 7% in torque.




2016 Outlander MAX LIMITED 1000R Cognac_3-4 front_tif


A new painted Cognac finish joins the Deep Pewter Satin as an available 2016 color choice on the ATV industry’s most luxurious and most powerful two-rider-specific ATV. The LIMITED starts with the XT package and then is outfitted with a premium Garmin Montana® 650t GPS, rear premium FOX ACS suspension, specialty 12-inch wheels, mudguards and more to create an exclusive appearance.

Rear FOX ACS (Air Control Suspension) six-way adjustable suspension

The high-grade FOX ACS suspension on the Outlander MAX LIMITED 1000R provides a plush, unmatched comfort level to improve ride dynamics for both the rider and passenger. The rear FOX ACS shocks use an inboard compressor to adjust the rear shocks air pressure. Air assist shocks use Internal Floating Piston (IFP) to separate the high-pressure nitrogen gas from the damping oil to ensure optimum, fade-free performance. Riders can choose between six levels (1 for softer; 6 for stiffer) and make the automatic adjustments using a button on the Outlander MAX ATV’s handlebars. Shock coils also allow for a smooth ride when the system is set at the lowest air pressure.
The system includes a compressor hose to also fill tires on the trail or to adjust for trail-riding comfort.

Garmin Montana 650t GPS (full color / portable)

A premium Garmin Montana 650t touch-screen Global Positioning System (GPS) was added to make exploration even more enjoyable and simpler. Removable and portable, it offers a fully interactive program and a full-color screen to enhance your experience whether you’re on the ATV or in your tow vehicle.

12-inch cast-aluminum wheel with LIMITED package finish

The 12-inch (30.5 cm), cast-aluminum centre-less wheels are strong but lightweight and feature a LIMITED-specific finish for an exclusive look. Computer optimization has helped build durability and reduce weight by eliminating unnecessary material.

26-inch (66 cm) Carlisle ACT Radial tires

Proven 26-inch ACT Radial tires from Carlisle provide a smoother ride and better shock absorption.

3,000-pound WARN winch

The Outlander LIMITED 1000R has a 3,000-pound (1,361 kg) WARN winch with roller fairlead.

Heavy-duty front and rear bumpers

For an edgier and more rugged trim, the LIMITED model includes heavy-duty front and rear bumpers.


Mudguards enhance its look and improve mud protection for both the driver and passenger.

Premium LIMITED passenger seat

The premium seat on the LIMITED model is extra plush for an improved ride and look for the passenger.

Handlebar wind deflectors

Wind deflectors provide improved protection from brush and cold weather and also offer a distinguished look.

Comfort grips

Comfort grips provide softer and relaxing support for the driver.

Analog / digital gauge

The analog / digital gauge package and background includes high-grade Instrumentation. This includes an analog tachometer and speedometer combined with an advanced digital information center.

625-W magneto

The most powerful magneto in the industry can be found on the Outlander LIMITED. At 625 watts, it means more amps for running accessories.

NEW Unique color offerings

Two painted LIMITED colors, the all-new Cognac finish and a Deep Pewter Satin color, are as tough and scratch resistant as they are elegant in appearance.

2016 Outlander MAX LIMITED 1000R Cognac_3-4 back_tif 2016 Outlander MAX LIMITED 1000R Deep Pewter Satin_3-4 front_tif


For more information visit the Can-Am Off-Road website.

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